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The result every optics buyer looks for is a partnership for quality components and the solutions you need for a competitive edge.

That's what we had in mind when we founded DiMaxx Technologies in 2000. Working with customers from a broad range of industries we have continued to add capabilities and optics products.

DiMaxx Technologies
Auburn, CA

Excellent Surface Finish
Today DiMaxx reliably produces optics with 2-3 angstroms surface finish, and 10-5 surface quality, or better.

We work with optical glasses, metals and materials of all types, turning out components such as windows, mirrors, beam splitters, wedges, prisms, spherical lenses, cylindrical lenses, flow tubes, optical assemblies and many others. This product range allows DiMaxx to serve a variety of applications in the military, medical, laser systems and scientific markets.

Fast Turn-around Optics
Whether you’re looking for quick turn-around optics for R&D prototypes or large volume OEM production, you’ll find DiMaxx Technologies is your best option.

CNC Experts
What’s more, DiMaxx has earned a reputation as the CNC experts for machined glass components. Our laser cavity flow tubes are unequaled in the industry. Whatever the requirement, our advanced, high-accuracy CNC techniques add manufacturing efficiency and quality for an outstanding value.

Opto-mechanical Sub-assemblies
DiMaxx also provides opto-mechanical sub-assemblies built to specification. Take advantage of this vertical integrated service to save time, money and the risks associated with handling optics.

What really separates DiMaxx Technologies?
It goes well beyond the capabilities and excellence built into the products. It’s our approach to working with you… to share ideas and design alternatives that cut costs, save time, solve problems and improve your optics buying experience.


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