DiMaxx Technologies

 Precision Optics 



500X Nomarksi
Inspection Scope

GP IXP 6" Zygo  Interferometer 


Manufacturing precision components requires accurate measurements with the latest metrology. Whether you need surface finish of 3 angstroms or surface figure of 1/20 wave you will get the most accurate and complete test and measurement data available.

 Zygo GPI XP Phase Measuring Interferometer 6” aperture

• Optical Microscopes for Surface Quality Inspection with 70X
    Zoom stereoscope, and Nomarski, Bright & Dark Field   

• Autocollimator and Optical Comparator for Precision
   Measurement of Angles

• Tool Maker’s scope and Optical Comparator for precise
    measurement of  dimensions and features

All measurement equipment used in manufacturing and final inspection is calibrated by third party specialist with standards traceable to NIST.